Any options scalpers here?

Discussion in 'Options' started by turkeyneck, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Do you use market order to get in and out fast. If not, how do you do you entrys and exits so you get filled no matter what especially if you trade a decent amount of contracts? Take the bid/ask?
  2. spindr0


    I thnik you answered your own question. If you want to get filled no matter what, aka get in and out fast, you have to trade at the bid/ask. If you are willing to risk more in order to make more, you can work the order.
  3. 1) That's the "purpose" of a market-order, speed over price.
    2) Keep in mind that the bid-ask spead is much more "valuable" in options that it is in the underlying stock. :eek:
  4. Do you know a good broker that does not charge cancellation fees, so that it is possible to work the options orders?

  5. I'm pretty sure it's the exchange that charges the cancellation fees, not the broker.
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    If a broker does not charge you a cancellation fee, it means that the broker does not send your order to the floor unless it becomes a market order.
  7. Who besides IB and Tradestation charge cancellation fees?