Any Opinions on Usefullness of Metastock?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by swtrader, Sep 28, 2002.

  1. I have Metastock, TC2000 and e-signal, and I'm thinking of getting rid of Metastock.

    I realize that only Metastock and TC2000 overlap, but I am wondering - Does anyone think Metastock is worthwhile?

    I seems almost worthless for scans, and it's backtesting, which TC2000 does not have, seems to pick the best of what WOULD have worked over the last two years given their selections of black box strategies.

    I find that any of their strategies seem to miss important turns, and I find it difficult to trade that way - regardless of what strategy I follow, if I get ANY signal to close a trade, for ANY reason, I want to do it. Black boxes can leave you sitting on the tracks when the train doesnt whistle it's usual way.

    56 bucks a month is not that much money, but too much for something I do not use.

    Am I missing something? Does anyone have insights as to how to get more value out of this thing?

    Any insights apppreaciated.