Any opinions on this "MM indicator?"

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  1. joe4422


    This Stock Chart Indicator will have you buy the EXACT low... and sell or short the EXACT high. No more guessing!!

    That's a quote from their website. Please, are you really that dumb?

    And hey, it's only 125 dollars. What a deal.
  2. riviera


  3. It is purely B.S. :D
  4. textbook internet marketing landing page. rofl.

    made up percentages, threats that it might not be available forever, pretty colored font to get your attentions, and the only thing it's missing is a story (designed to suck the reader in) that talks about how he used to be a fat ugly poor loser, but then he discovered this "system", and now he's rich, muscular, and bangs supermodels all day on his yacht (which he bought with cash). Actually, if he added that, he'd probably make more sales from idiots who are on the fence. lol.


    i absolutely assure you that a) they dont get "dozens of emails a day from hedge funds and market makers" and b) that it doesn't make money the way they claim it does.

    if you had a profitable indicator would you sell it?
  5. and now in typical internet marketer fashion, the author will probably reply to my post and insult me and say im jealous or im too dumb to understand it or whatever. unless he's too busy banging supermodels to bother replying :D
  6. lol, the Zig Zag indicator doesn't print in real time. Is this guy for real?
  7. I ordered it. Will let you know how it is.
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    It is probably just Nitro, selling Kudos to MMs....
  9. Update?
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