Any opinions on Real Estate?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Brandonf, May 13, 2009.

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    I'm not so much connected to the markets anymore except in terms of marketing for Tim, Toni and Bo.

    I was just approached by a rather large real estate eduction firm with a lot of great products. Currently they make about $20K per month, and I know I can easily bring them up to $100K or so. My question though is on Private Money Deals.

    This is what they basically teach, and also some stuff on short sales although they have told me those are not working so well right now,and I feel good about the compny because since they feel those are not working well right now they removed the course from the market even though there is good demand for it.

    Anyway, can anyone tell me anything about Privte Money Deals? HOw do they work? Legit, scam? etc.

  2. In my opinion hard money lenders provide a great service for those who have no money to start with. They are much cheaper that having to split your profits with a partner.

    Of course the responsibility of a deal making money or not, lies squarely on the borrower.
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    I have nothing to do with this site at all, so the cops hopefully will not accuse me of trying to violate the TOS and spam you with my horrible useless drivle. I only made $146,000 for Mike with the Wall Street Window if you can spare me a dime :)


    The site that I might be working with has a product very similar to Privatemoneyblueprint

    The lady that has the course I'd be working with has done over $64 million in real estate deals since 2003. I saw the numbers with my own eyes so I know it's not bogus. Just want to know how everyone else feels about this particular market. I know there is money in it as Privatemoneyblueprint did over 100K in the last 4 days.