Any opinions on Lind/ Waldock?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Chuck Krug, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. particulary the broker assisted side?
    any good?
    any ideas on pricing?
  2. I used Lind Plus for a couple of years. I found the service and responsiveness of the brokers to be pretty good but the pricing was expensive in my opinion and the software trading platform they provided was weak. I have not used them since 2006.
  3. DerekD


    Why pay north of $25 per round turn? Broker assisted is even more. Their platform is mediorce at best.

    But their customer service is good though. Always was.

    The mechanics of futures trading are not all that difficult to learn. I take it you're looking to become a position trader. You don't need broker assistance for that. You only have to read up on contract specifications and what it all means, order types, and various other mechanics. Besides broker assisted trading is biased towards the brokers interests and not yours.
  4. Good post, thanks. Am looking to branch out to currencies, commodities and bonds. Was thinking about getting some handholding, but come to think of it i might not need that.