Any one tried Bloomberg Event Driven Feed ?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by skunks, May 29, 2013.

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    CQG used to have a feed like that was useful like that... but it lags now for some whatever reason...
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    What is the lag? More then a second or less?
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    I've talked to them. They said $20,000 per month for the basic feed and there are two add-ons which are 10k each. It sounds insane but I can see it being worth the money
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    Yes, the price is not so nice.
  6. My desk has it but I've not used it personally. I'll post some screenshots if I can.
  7. Don't you think this is already being done by many well-capitalized, technologically well-advanced firms?
  8. Does anyone have the pricing for Dow Jones/Ravenpack/Thomson Reuters/DB AlphaFlash (basically NTKN+MNI feed) machine readable news?

    I know alphaflash is available directly through CGQ and TT (probably cheaper), but they also have a separate product that's available through TCP/IP.

    Keep in mind that some providers may have multiple products. I.E, they can sell feeds that have sentiment analysis built-in and then raw feeds.
  9. Bloomberg added certain trusted twitter accounts to its professional service a few months back before the 'twitter crash'. AP was probably one of them. There you go.
  10. From what I have gathered, this is the cheapest service:

    Their API is in XML, C++, Java and VB.

    They supply the NYSE, Goldman Sachs, etc. apparently.

    It's $1000 a month for MNI news

    +$1500 for the API (which includes a basic web-scrapping service for certain select websites and twitter feeds)

    So, overall, you can look to pay $2500.

    For $ RTTNEWS, it's $5000 a month. For Moreover it's $2500.

    RTTNEWS basically re-writes DJ, etc. news in real-time and distributes it. Moreover is just a web-scrapper.

    MNI is about on par with Bloomberg/Reuters/Dow Jones for economic data, however they are a little weak on securities data.

    The company also offers DJ News for around $10k a month, but there are some restrictions.

    Ravenpack is around $10k a month, but it also includes sentiment analysis.
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