Any one trading/watching the S&P e-mini?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by rida07, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. rida07


    Somebody sitting on the bid with a huge volume at 812.50. Been hit with over 1500 contracts in the last 30 mins and hasn't budged.

    Showing 50 bid but looks like it's a bid where true size does not show.

    Going long at 812.5. With a plan to cxl and reverse if it hits to 812.25.
  2. rida07


    another 450 hit.

    I wish I had more money in my account. Seems like a pretty good risk/reward. Long 6 contracts now.

    looking for a short squeeze now please.
  3. rida07


    btw - I'm still very new to trading.. have only been trading 2 contracts at a time until now..

    so if anyone sees a flaw - pls feel free to critique/flame..
  4. trade the HSI
  5. rida07


    no need to be an ass.. from what i've read the hsi is very volatile and thinly traded.. wtf would i want to trade the HSI?

    just sharing ideas with the forum - hoping they are of use to somebody or that I can learn something..

    Another 800 hit at the bid.. this is going to be the mother of all squeezes or it is just going to fall and crumble like a mother...
  6. rida07


    broke through my stop sell hit at 812.. riding it for now..
  7. thanks for covering my short

    lol jk :D
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    bid and ask size is eye candy to pull you in. ignore it.
  9. I wasn't - :cool:
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  10. rida07


    had a stop sell at 812.25.. got a fill at 812.. closed at 810.. for 1.5 pt on 6 contracts..

    thought it would break more aggressively - but was pretty fun to watch..
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