Any one taken courses from RS of Houston or TradersInternational?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by wesj, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. wesj


    Considering taking a mini sp course from one of the above and would like to hear from those who have taken from either.
  2. Avoid RS of Houston at all costs. Like Ed Moore, they too were investigated by the FTC. The difference is that Ed and his students make money, whereas the FTC found out the RS guys HAVE NEVER, EVER, EVER BEEN PROFITABLE!

  3. Ed Moore is Rhythm of the Markets, and his stuff does work. He is very heavy into looking for fib commonalties along with divergences in the overbought/oversold indicators as well as the ticks. The reason he got fined was not having a disclaimer saying that some of the option trades he posted were hypothetical, and that he did not actually take all of the trades he posted on his website.
  4. Yannis


    Yes, I have paid for both courses and learned both systems.

    1. Ed's method is more or less classical Fib-based trading, heavy on simple price patterns to enter and mathematical projections to serve as profit targets. Good, traditional stuff, especially when using his indicator (a version of stochastics.) Ed makes himself relatively available to his students, at least in the beginning of one's studying time. However, he may be too expensive, especially for most beginner traders.

    Although there was nothing really wrong here, I would not jump up and down recommending this course to my friends.

    2. Traders International have developed a very good s&p and Naz futures scalping method, which has proved to be relatively easy to learn (but plan on spending at least twice the time they suggest to really become proficient at it) and use. Here is something that can guide a trader into reliable profitability relatively quickly. Their service and support is also very good and easily available. They don't push the HG on anybody; they just show you a way to make a couple thousand $$ every week. However, the system has a lot more subjectivity involved than what they say up front. Not bad, but a fact, imo.

    Still, I would definitely recommend this system to my friends who can afford the fee.

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    Do a search here on ET for "traders AND international". You will find many discussions on the subject, including a thread from just 3 weeks ago.

    If you dont want to do the legwork, here is a summary of the various discussions on this particular vendor:

  6. wesj


    Thanks guys, I often wonder how a guy can learn trading
    without a consistent method and a plan. From experience
    I can tell you that it is expensive not having either one.

    traders international just seems reasonable using the 2pt
    at a time method, I dont know about the setups happening
    as frequent as they claim though.

    Yannis, care to elaborate anymore about traders international
    it would help my feelings?

  7. Yannis


    Like Ron the Great :) once said: here we go again...

    What I find incredible is that many of us say that want to learn from each other, but most often when someone says something positive about anything, others attack his honesty, his impartiality, his experience.

    I went and looked at that thread (TI, 3 weeks ago, started by daytrade5) and there was the same pattern again: someone asks an honest question about a system, someone else states that he knows people who are unhappy about it, etc etc, while people who know first hand about the system stand back, amazed at the outpouring of negativity.

    Let me repeat what I said previously: I bought the system not knowing anyone in that small company, learned it, tried it out, papertraded for a while quite seriously, and then proceeded to trade it for real for a few months profitably (and still do occasionally.)

    My experience? I'm happy with it, with the money I paid for it, and the people who sold it to me. And with the money I am making with it.

    Not the best system in the world, but pretty good. There are others that are better. Tends to give you a headache by 2:30 pm, if you stay with it all day - but, what the heck, we are still young, right? :)

    Yes it is based on divergences - but that's one of the most reliable patterns out there and someone who can trade them well, over and over again, makes money. What I was looking for, what most moderately experienced traders are looking for, was a relatively simple technique to use for daytrading the ES and NQ - and I got it.

    Then I found another one and now I'm developing my own. :D

    As I mentioned before (and the TI people will not deny it) is that although this is a (more or less) mechanical pattern recognition technique, some degree of judgment is needed to optimize results. Things like, when the trend is up, take only the buy signals. Actually, a bit more definite than that. So, what else is new? Just use your judgment, that's all.

    Now, if anyone has a question, please let me know in this thread or privately. Or if anyone has traded the system and wants to discuss it honestly, fine. I plan to follow this thread for the next few days. I like this board, and you guys, all, and I'd rather not have a big fight over this. OK? :)