Any one know Alex Elder personally?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 0008, Feb 24, 2003.

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    I read Elder's book many times and feel he know trading very well. But he is a practicing doctor, a trader and giving seminars. Is it possible to do so many things at the same time? Many people said trading is a full time job. I agree. Does any one know him personally or know his trading results?
  2. It is possible...but not most can do it.

    I know a successful fulltime trader on the west coast that's also a state trooper.

    He also coaches little league sports.

    He's single and doesn't have much of a life outside his 2 fulltime jobs and sports.

    There are some people out there that manages to be able make efficient use of every second in a 24hour today...on a consistent basis.

    Then there's other people that are completely exhausted after a day's work at 1 job.

    I guess it depends on how hard (mentally and physically) the jobs are and how they work together that determines if such can be done over a long period of time.

    Not everybody can multitask with several jobs...but some can.

    I had an ex-girlfriend that went to college fulltime and worked 2 part-time jobs while a single mom...and she did all very well.

    When she laid down to go to sleep...a tornado couldn't wake her up.

  3. Perhaps fulltime not means 8h00 for for him but 20H :D . In that case he must have a comprehensive wife.

    Personally I wouldn't bother if a day lasted a week I am always too busy. It is said that a human can genetically live 130 years, gee it's not even enough for me to experiment all my ideas :D


  4. my thoughts exactly, nihaba. well said !

  5. My understanding is that he only does swing trading and longer-term he's not necessarily tied to the computer screen all day long like a day trader.
  6. Yah but do you remember the story of the surgeon who left a client under operation at an emergency hospital because he had to apply for a margin call of 150000 $ from his broker :D

    Two years ago I worked for a client at Champs Elysees and in the building there was a dentist that has a trading room and a bet room on horses just near the room where he operates with his clients :D Well I prefer not to cope with this guy: I was going to work and I heard him complain that he lost 7 millions that single day : poor clients who consulted him on that day :p

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    I have known Alex for a very long time and if you had ever met him you would not be asking this question .
    He is very determined person and I do believe that he can do anything he puts his mind to.
  8. Does anybody know Akhuto?
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    Why do you wnat to know?
  10. We are watching you, Akhuto. You and Elder won't get away with it for ever.
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