any one in hyderabad india

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  1. anyone in India,Hyderabad or Indians anywhere want to connect
  2. Raushanc


    I will be there from 25-27th June. Would love to
  3. jharmon


    Most of the people that call me from India are from the "Technical department of Windows" or some such fictional entity.

    It's usually once-a-day now.

    Is this sort of criminal behaviour now commonplace in India?
  4. newwurldmn


    Yes it is. Clearly all 1bn people in India work for shady call centers. Just like all the Russians are working for troll farms manipulating Facebook, all Muslims work for ISIS, and all Americans are fat racists.
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  5. is this not off topic?
  6. volpri


    Never been to India but had a friend that could sure cook up some great rice and curry.
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  7. India is an experience like no other in the world......a real enigmatic experience,unforgettable....

    but not necessarily good
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  8. ubastock


    Hi, traderGOD, I am from Hyderabad, where do you live in Hyderabad? we can meet.
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  9. wow a real trader in hyderabad

    padmarao nagar in secunderabad