Any one heard of Breckill Holdings in NYC?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by nutrade, Aug 9, 2006.

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    Has anyone heard of this proprietary firm? If so, what did you hear? Also, any advise on firm selection would be greatly appreciated. I am a recent college grad, and new to the trading world. With that said, is working for a proprietary firm the best way to learn to trade, or should I be exploring other avenues?
  2. I just interviewed with them last week after seeing their ad on craigslist. Seems like a good shop. When I was there the partners were giving a class to the newer traders... they made me wait 30 mins till they were done, but the material they covered was actually really good.
    I take alot of overnights (they are mostly intra-day), so the place wasn't for me...but the guys seemd like they really cared for their traders...might be a good place for newguys (i've been trading since the 80's).
  3. Lol... all Prop firms are shady... they just want you to breakeven... I am a trader for a large sell side shop...take it from me... daytraders don't last...I will run them over.... HONK HONK
  4. "I work for a large sell side shop" "I will run them over" sure Bateman bring it on pal. When you are done typing 100 share tickets into your "trading" system we can start the contest.
  5. PM me and we can talk... haha... My system is something I helped with a Natural Gas Basis trader... Me... I execute on average 3-5mm shares alone.... and you wish you knew who i was.
  6. Thanks for proving my point. You sit at desk all day "executing" orders for client accounts. Of course that isn't actually trading is it. You position nothing and assume no risk. Maybe one day you will develop the necessary skills to be a market maker, but I doubt it.

    "You wish you knew who I was" Oh I do know. It's obvious. A low skilled sell side knuckle dragging big mouth with very poor grammar.
  7. Too funny! Listen I went through the Goldman Sachs Trader Training program ...then worked for one of the largest hedge funds (Intrinsic) now I have 5 large accounts and execute for the desk I am on. I commit capital and take risk... too funny!
  8. Holy Crap......the Goldman Trader Training Program......Wow.....How could I have been so wrong. Let's see you started at Goldman and washed out, then caught on at a Hedge Fund for a while, now you work for some Soft Dollar Research broker where you service a few accounts. Nice job, every move a step-up.

    Why am I wasting my time ?
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  10. Oh no it looks like Bateman will have to eat his own words,:eek: "I am an execution Broker"
    "I take no positions" . Thanks for the laugh.
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