Any One Has Info On This, Please Report It

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  2. I don't want to watch the video. Does something sick happen?
  3. Brandonf

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    No, but the dad, or whoever the man is, is a serious ass and should be in contact with the child welfare authorities.
  4. I could not watch all of it, very upsetting. The babys brain is being banged against his skull constantly with that kind of throwing, and terribly bad for his limbs too. Almost made me cry. I think the man has no idea how stupid he is. He thinks it is safe and fun. Someone will see that on the internet and report that man. Very sad.
  5. Brandonf

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    hopefully someone does, that is how shaken baby sydrome happens. He deserves to be thrown in jail for being stupid even if he did not "mean to" harm the child.
  6. You silly grown ups. they were talking about this at skool and going LOL.

    It is a fake video. spliced together to make it look like that man is thowing baby around.

    FAKE editing of stoopid video.
  7. It looks real, not fake.
  8. I saw a drunk guy in Mexico throwing his baby 10 feet in the air and catching it once...

    In that video the kid would be making some pain noises, being held by one arm and swung around is going to get some response one might think... and if the kid was getting that kind of treatment before he would not go the adult all happy like he does maybe...
  9. There's a guy who'll blame the teachers why his kid doesn't learn or behave in a few years.

    Daddy does it to me why can't I do it to the dog or his baby sister.

    A few years ago some girl died when the older relative tossed a younger girl around and lost his grip or performed a wrestling stunt on her. Anyone remember that one?
  10. Dude.....that is just initial cosmonaut training in a secret eastern european big deal! :eek:
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