Any one agrees with this Gerald Celente ?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by hippie, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Celente is like AJ, Alex Jones. His macro points are correct, but he is an extremist. He will find one video of a 100 people have food riot and say see my prediction has come true.

    I am afraid the Stimulus just postponed the drop. Will everyone be in a tent city no, but parents move in with adult kids and vice versa.
  2. Maybe people should consider following Bob Chapman's advice about taking most of the money our of their bank account except for 3 months worth of living expenses.
    I would guess that Gerald Celente probably agrees with Bob Chapman.
    Of course if only 5-10% of people did this then the Banks would collapse because their reserves (money on hand) only covers 5-10% of their deposits.
    So if people really did what Bob Chapman suggest then the Banks would shut down and the people who still had money in the Bank might be screwed.
  3. Alex Jones needs to be institutionalized. Gerald on the other hand, looks like he works at the institution....
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    Celente writes a book, gets on the George Noory show and it's an instant success for a few days... the late night radio audience eats up horribly negative predictions for some reason... probably people that have a life have to get up early...

    He predicted the crash of '09 or something like that, it was going to all be horribly unprecedented or something... then the collapse of '10 or something like that... and he has a Black Belt in Karate too so I'd take him very serious!!