Any Omaha Bright Trading Traders here?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by jpomerenke, Mar 21, 2003.

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  4. how big is the omaha office? ive been thinking of visiting that office since im close?
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    ...theirs a guy here on ET called "Mr. Bling Bling"..I think he's in that area......

  6. Just about 5-6 people......just a small office...
  7. Are there any Vancouver / Langley traders? How do you find your experience with BT? How much capital do you have to contribute to begin trading or are they a true prop firm that requires no upfront capital?
  8. I'd would strongly suggest starting a new thread.

    About Langley anywhere else. The title is Omaha Bright traders.
    Which will mainly attract Omaha Bright traders to the thread. Not Langley area traders.
  9. the average age of the Bright trader in Omaha is 42 -- yeah, they take'em right outta high school!!:D
  10. how about that vegas office 'dog?

    it's got that homely feel to it -- retirement home that is!
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