Any of you top elitist traders live like Rock Stars? Hot groupies, mac daddies etc..

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  1. First of all , I know many people do aspire to be rock stars or professional atheletes to get top notch skirt. Even myself, when I was young I learned to play drums and be in a rock band so I could meet more chicks in High School .....
    I am wondering if any of you took up pursuing the exotic and glamorous world of trading to get more hot two legged does ??

    And to some of you top traders on Wall st. do you guys have groupies ?? You know like do hotties throw their
    G string panties at you when your walking out of a Board meeting at JP Morgans office in downtown Manhattan ?? And are any of you guys major Mac daddies in Manhattan, Chicago, LA etc..
    Any stories ??? Like red hot topless biacthes swinging from chandeliers at Mar-a-lago sipping from a diamond studded goblet from steve cohen's collection.

    And from us low life independent retail traders , could you at least give us slobby seconds and throw us a few scraps of those long legged Manhattan beauties after you have indulged yourselves :D

    Your timely attention concerning this matter will be very much appreciated :)
  2. snoop101


    Go work on a cruise ship and taste all the flavors of the world.
  3. You watch too many movies. This post reminds me of the kid who wanted to become an I-banker cause he thought he would get all these hot financial industry groupies. I was cracking up.

    Unless you are into golddiggers, you are barking up the wrong tree. You can get better @$$ as a bartender in NYC than as a rock star JP Morgan trader. Even better, if you want hot @$$, you go into marketing and advertising, not the financial industry.

  4. Yeah, I call BS !! Just ask Bud Fox and Darien Taylor !!!! :cool:
  5. I've got a cleaning lady that does my office and sometimes me!

    Life is pretty good I must say.
  6. Arnie


    Is your real name George Castanza?:D
  7. Ebo


    It was actually Jerry that had his pipes cleaned by his housekeeper!

  8. Jerry drilled his maid/call girl.....George banged the cleaning lady on his desk when Elaine got him a job at her company.
  9. Actually, they both did. George in the episode called "The Red Dot", Jerry -- in "The Maid."
  10. Ebo


    I forgot about "The Red Dot"!

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