any of you practise high frequency scalping?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mounafia, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. mounafia


    I have read that people enter more than one hundred time per day in Eur/usd (or a stock)...

    does any of you practise succesfully this kind of scalping?

    what would be the key of success (without giving your strategy)?

    do you use indicators for this kind of strategy or is mostly feeling?

    Thanks in advance.

    English is not my primary language so excuse my grammatical mistake
  2. I use to make up to 200 trades a day.

    One of my first threads tells all about it.

    It doesn't work any more.

    Good luck in finding a successful way to do it and keep me posted.
  3. mounafia


    why it does not work anymore? when were you using it? Has the market changed that much?
  4. You distorted my reply. I said my method didn't work anymore.
  5. mounafia


    I would have thought there would be more answer and more people using this kind of strategy (hundreds of trade a day).

    I guess I was wrong and it is not really a viable option of trading.
  6. mounafia


    I am officially giving up on this kind of strategy...just impossible to get a positive results this way....for me at least.
  7. You need low fees, and full ecn passthrough.
  8. spinn


    You gave up awfully quickly but your decision was correct.....99% of people will fail at "high frequency trading"

    My method can do it.....but because I am under capitalized, it is stressful and completely exhausting.....I wouldnt even want to make good money doing that, it would kill me in two years.
  9. mounafia


    I am trading with oanda....

    I have tried with the 10 and 30 sec graph with stop as close at 3 to 4 pips (impossible to have a lower stop without being touched 90% of the time)
    and I was trying to take my profit from 3 to 6 pips....but I just don't see how people can manage to do 100 thread a day and be positive.

    I was interrested at first because I would love to find a strategy that allow me to be positive every day....but I guess, I am not build for that.

    Anyone have any tips on how to make this work?
  10. IMO commissions play a huge factor but still very difficult because it's purely a gamble and can move against you very quickly erasing a months worth of gains in a single trade.
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