Any of you guys using a Statin ?

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  1. Anyone using a Statin? They work incredibly well but some cause a spike in glucose.
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    Yep, atorvastatin, i.e.. Lipitor, however I have cut back to taking it just 5 days a week. While doing this I've had good numbers for my last 2 checks. roughly a year apart. Over the past few years I have worked on changing my diet and I believe that has helped. For the next month or two I'm going off completely to see if it impacts my numbers. I have to do an employee health check for the wife's insurance and they run cholesterol as part of the check. If they are still good I may stay off until my next physical in July of 2021 and see what happens.
  3. Crestor and Lipitor both have long half lives, crestor being a bit longer.
    They both are known to be very effective when taken every other day.
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  4. Crestor was invented by the Japanese...surprised you are taking a pill invented by non-whites
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    I uses one even though it's not needed. My cholesterol numbers without it and just eating steel cut oatmeal with blueberries is 199. I asked the doctor to prescribe one anyway to drop it further. I'll update after my next check. ---Cholesterol was 279 before starting the oatmeal/blueberry deal.
  6. Forget total cholesterol, its all about LDL and tryglycerides.
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    Low cholesterol could lead to early dementia.

    Google it!!
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    High cholesterol too!
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    What are the chances those studies were funded by drug companies? :)
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  10. 100%.
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