Any of you dudes use Stocktwits?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by plan, May 30, 2009.

  1. plan


    or Twitter?

    If so, let's put out some of the IDs...
  2. Both...."donbright" (whoda thought, LOL).

  3. Why would anyone subscribe to Don.

    To get sales twits all day?
  4. plan


  5. eminiplayer on Twitter/StockTwits
  6. Username is RatioTrader
  7. Nice sale on $ES_F at 914 today :cool:
  8. zlmtb


    My handle on stocktwits is the same as here: "zlmtb". I trade SSO long& short posting under SPX, SPY, and ES_F. Stockvader and parrparr both seem to do well and post their trades under $ES_F.:)
  9. Seems like just another way to lose money.

    Think about it: if you post on stocktwits, you aren't really a full-time trader. Instead, you are trying to market yourself as a trader and get people to tell you how good of a trader you are. strike one.

    If you were really good, why spend time posting stuff on stocktwits? strike two.

    I've seen a few failed gurus go to stocktwits to get people to buy their DVD. this is not what traders do.

    strike three.

    you get what you pay for, same with ET. free stock advice is generally horrible. BUT, free EDUCATION can be very valuable (seen way more on ET than in 140 characters).

    the problem is, paying for stock education is usually an even worse idea.

    bottom line: find a couple mentors that don't waste time with websites and marketing and get them to help you.