Any of these worth buying?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by chowdan, Jul 5, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    So i am a complete noob. Trying to learn to read charts and figure out what is on the up trend for the future. I have a few stocks i think might be good to buy.

    CALPW - currently 1.31
    GEN - 3.89
    EE - 32.58(it does look like it could crash pretty soon though i think)
    UIL - 32.78

  2. Im getting in GEN at 3.88, expecting a bounce up soon.
  3. chowdan


    What sort of bounce are you projecting? a possible 52 wk high?

    I've got about 250-300$ to invest and am trying to figure out where to put it.
  4. With such a small amount of capital your profits will be negated by commissions so I would personally not take any position until I had a larger amount to use
  5. chowdan


    Alright. Should i be starting with 1-2k? or more like 3-5k? or ?
  6. If you're new to technical analysis, or guessing trends, this may or may not be helpful. But it's a fact that when a sector goes up, 71 percent of the stocks in that sector also go up. And when a sector goes down, 67 percent of the stocks in that sector also go down. So, if you can analyze the sector or the index that each of these stocks are part of, you can probably get a better feel for what they are likely to do. I mention this because, in my opinion, indeces are much easier to read than individual stocks.