Any NYSE only traders left?

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  1. Anyone here just focus on nyse stocks? If so how is the hybrid treating you now thats it's been around for awhile? I've been experimenting with nasdaq on of off for the last year or so and I think I'm giving up on them. For some reason nasdaq just rubs me the wrong way. Too many 1 x1 markets with hidden liqudity all over the place, etc. I know you see this on hybrid but it's not as bad (IMHO)...


    P.S. I've been at this trading thing for over a decade so maybe my reflexes are shot (LOL)
  2. FWIW, we're still above 80% Listed. The hybrid sweeps have been nice for us. Using ARCA for parking orders has been paying off well, and the openings and MOC's are still working great.

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  3. our company (kershner trading) still trades mostly listeds. we have certainly done better since hybrid has started.
  4. Thats interesting that you guys are actually doing better under hybrid. Thats good news to hear for once instead of all the complaining (LOL)...

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    I've found the transition to be fairly smooth. A lot better than I anticipated. Listed stocks are a lot more like nasdaq stocks now, as we expected they would be. The increased volatility is great, but it's very hard to move any size. It's a world of automated one lot machines and dark liquidity pools now. I don't find open book and market depth in general to be of much use.

    Still plenty of money to be made though.
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  6. Holy smokes, Don Bright's still around! Holy smokes, the NYSE's still around!

  7. i actually like the hybrid. less games by the specialist.
  8. I'd trade specialist games for the old tape reading strat anyday. :)
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    I agree 100%. Give me that specialist back. Anyway I have always been a nasdaq trader at heart so adapting to hybrid which is still really just a slow nasdaq has been fine. Pre hybrid I use to be able to buy 5000-10,000 of a nyse stock, now that process invloves me using 100 lots that refresh and alot of trapping of the book.
  10. I think my nick says it all.

    I trade with pure T&S + DOM on NYSE... well I look at the 5 minute too, of course, and if I haven't been watching the stock all day I can't trade without the chart, but my entries and exits are really all tape based. I started just when the hybrid was getting phased in, so it's natural to me. But money can be made on listed stocks. I hear from a trader far, far greater than me that he knows of more guys making money on NASDAQ than New York and believes that NASDAQ is where the easy money's at, FWIW.

    I personally prefer New York (obviously).
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