Any Nymex traders here.

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by millydog, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if anyone on this board trades down on the nymex. Maybee we can get together after the close one nite and crab a drink or something and chat about trading, elite , and whatever. Let me know .
  2. your better bet is to read marc fishers book
    and try to attend a seminar of his

    not to take anything away from nymex
    pros but most of them are not regulars on ET

    maybe the NYMEX will have a rep at the feb traders expo in nyc and can give you
    some pointers on where to go for education
    on trading ...

    by the way have you traded NYMEX products
    and in what time frame ?

    all the best for you
  3. Thanks Seth

    But I have been already working down there for over a month and was just curious to see if anyone from elite works down there or not. From my limited experience in the dealing with real traders, I mean guys making big money for sure, floor, investment banks, power brokers, or whatever, no one has ever herd of elite.

    Maybee that is saying something. I don't know. I admit I am new to the buisness but no one I know on the instititional side has everer herd of this place. I have learned a ton here and think this place is great, however I think most guys here are prop tradersn or something.