Any NYC friends here who are interested in HFT?

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  1. Let's form a group,
    meet and chat,
    help each other on everything about HFT:

    (1) sharing educational resources
    (2) discussing backtest challenges and solutions in HFT
    (3) discussing order execution and fighting latency, etc.
  2. What are you currently focusing on in terms of HFT ?
    How do you define as HFT ?
    What sort of HFT strategy are you looking at (big picture not "secret sauce" details) ?

    Why answer these Qs ? Because unless a reader knows more about what you are doing and can determine your level of expertise you are not going to get professionals replying to your post. HFT takes a certain level of technology, market knowledge and operating capital to execute and is beyond the reach of most people in this forum.
  3. My answers:

    I focus on order execution and latency/slippage part and I am transitioning myself from a traditional trader (both long/short term trading + day trading) to a HF trader. I did some backtest but found that the most important thing in HFT is the order execution and fighting with latency/slippage fighting. As you said HFT is more about IT than about finance. It opens a whole new arena for sharing, collaborating and learning from each other.
  4. I am newbie but i am very interested in this subject. I am in if you accept me with you
  5. I think unless you've a seat in Exchange doing HFT is impossible.
  6. I guess that depends on your definition of HFT.

    Well, you don't have to do milli-seconds, you can do seconds...

    This is probably not a pure social group (yeah, it's a good idea to hang out with fellow traders for drinks, but that's probably another thread).
    This is more of a "study-group" type - a group of highly motivated people who want to discuss and help each other about HFT.
    Given the nature of HFT, it's probably more oriented towards IT people. We will discuss technical solutions to challenging problems in HFT, etc.
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    I would be interested in participating. I am trading on short time frame intraday, but doing research in HFT. While the costs are high, there are less expensive options such as server leasing in very close proximity to the exchanges, and if enough serious people get together, we can take a shot at trying this.

    One thing which people who would want to join need to realize, that in order to try HFT there will be a need for funds to test strategies in real environments.

    Let's get this out in the open right away.

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    Thats not entirely true. My firm provides HF services/execution for many trading firms with different disciplines and being a "techie or IT person" isn't a prerequisite. It is applicable to many prop firms regardless of what front-end execution system they are using.

    PM me if you would like to know more.
  9. I cannot say i am from the IT people but i am highly motivated and i will try to help as much as possible. A phd in medical genetics might find a way to do so. I would like to learn from you guys how to implement my current strategy in the tick scalping. Execution and resource-wise not the logic and code-wise.
    I already have the strategy and the code. :)

  10. I tell you the truth man: in HFT, strategy/idea is easy/cheap, the key is good execution.

    It's good that you have high motivation.

    We want to form a "crazy" study-group with members who are just "fanatic" about trading in general and HFT in specific.

    Lets try to get some meetup on the coming weekend.
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