Any Numismatists here?

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  1. Question.....

    going thru my father's collection and found a ton of BU, UC and AU rolls of wheat pennies....

    I tried listing them on ebay and couldn't get more than .50 per roll. Minus the fees I lost money. Seems I should have just given these to the bank and collected my

    It is a shame to let all that copper go to waste. Is there anything in particular I should be doing with old copper and silver coins that I can barely get face value for?

  2. I dont know about copper..... but i remember when i used to be really heavy into coins i bought alot of gold and silver coins... some were rare..... i bought them when gold was way up.... then sold them a few years later when gold was down..... lost a fortune.... and learned a lesson.... collect for the love of it, not the $$ :)
  3. Check the date on those pennies. 1909S with vdb on back or front (cant remember) is very rare.
  4. lol yes... I have the 1909vdb but not the S mint one..

  5. So do I, for about 47 years.
  6. As a kid me and my brother collected coins, along with my father. My brother has kept up with it and has quite an impressive collection. He said to look for 1914D, 1922, 1909S and of course the 1909SVDB. The rest have little value.
    As a side story. One time as a kid about age 10 I was hungry for some candy and pop. I took 25 Indian Head pennies from our collection to buy the goodies. What followed was a serious ass whippin'.
  7. I took a 2 dollar indian head gold coin to school when I was in second grade and the teacher passed it around the class and it disappeared. She never even tried to find out who stole it. Taught me a real lesson about human nature.
  8. I learned the same lesson as well in my experience buying candy. I remember the wide eyed look of the grown woman that took 25 Inidan Head pennies from me, a 10 year old boy. She did so without hesitation or question.