Any Northern California Trader

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  1. Anyone in NORTHERN CALIFORNI trading PART TIME OR full-time that is up for chatting and a possible meet-up?

    More looking for active traders in the market (preferrably making money), not those wanting coaching, but I wouldn't turn down a good trading convo either way

  2. Biog


    CTA in San Jose, sent you an email.
  3. chula vista trader here, but I hit up amtrak to buy my cheeba in norcal (hella good dank).

    You ever ride the train my man? Everytime I get on that thing, it's like the fast track to pleasure mountain. You get to lean the seat back, toss a little porn on the handheld, maybe order up a cock tail or two. I like to take an ambien and fight to stay gets you a little loopy, naw'mean? Although then I start thinking about riding the dragon and wish I was back in my home, comfortable in my bathrode trading. it's like a drug (not as good as cheeba), but a drug even so.

    I tried to take a trip to colorado last year, you know, I wanted to see my little sister (my 'rents got into a nasty fight years ago and I split, left her behind so I kinda feel bad...that's why I hit the beers and wipe my tears) and I was FIENDING for the screens man. I needed that dragon. I needed to wake up and grab the horns, ride the tornado, feel the ice in my face, god damn I'm alive.

    wanna meet up at a cafe or something next time I'm up? I'd love to chat about renko charts and talk a little strategy. I trade corn/bean/gold spread and watch s&p and 10yr at the end of the day.

    post a picture of yourself for faster response.

    aite holmes, shower time for me...