Any NINJA TRADER Users here?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Jeffp, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Jeffp


    I'd like to get feedback on the Broker you've had experience using.


    Or...Is this a taboo subject?

    Or is Everyone Just using Broker Platforms?

    Thanks, if you can give a little insight

  2. cstfx


    I use NT as a front end for IB's TWS. Better graphing and ease of order entry with some automation ability.
  3. Jeffp


    Thanks for the response cstfx.

    Do you use Chart Trader and if so do the orders modify and update completely and quickly?

    Sometimes Ninja leaves rogue order oncertain broker's platform when modifying existing orders, especially on Chart Trader.

    Have you ever found this to be the case wth IB?

    How about the DOM can you get all the full features that Ninja offers to interface robustly and timely?

    Just trying to pry into your experience and I do appreciate your time and honest feed back

    Thanks again,

  4. I'm also curious about NT + IB. Does it work fine? No problems? Thanks
  5. Not good if you use volume bars because you can't get any history if you weren't capturing the feed live. Only reason I'd consider another provider.

    Edit: talking about NT + IB
  6. RedDuke


    Ninja works with Ib well. I used it trade trade Hang Seng bank in 07. The issue with IB that they do not provide historical tick data and therefore only time bars are available for past data.

    The latest Ninja version 6.5 got to a level where it is excellent charting along with execution platform.

    If you plan to trade US or European markets, I suggest you take a look at Ninja with zen-fire for data and execution.

    Go to or to get the demos for this feed.