Any news that caused move in ES ?! 13:45

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fluttrader, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Any news at 13:45 ?
  2. GE share halted

    BUFFET invests in GM

    and More crap from the politicians
  3. Same with NQ 1557 - 1581 @ 13:45.

    GE Buffet Garbage on CNBC.. Failed France 300B Euro announcement.
  4. lassic


    wonder what Buffet ate for lunch, did he go to a buffet

    i guess he'll make public everything he does
  5. I wonder if market will have a big movement when he takes a dump?
  6. Buffett...drunken sailor.

    what the hey, you only live once!
  7. For christ's sake man, get a live news feed!!

  8. still looking for a good one that doesnt cost a horses leg
  9. lassic


    push Buffet, but ignore the dilution from stock offering

    cnbc desperate
  10. Newsstrike is FREE, always get news as soon as it hits the bloomberg terminal. Cant ask for more than that from a free service :)

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