Any news outlet that criticizes the government is now a terrorist in Venezuela...

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  1. 34 radio stations have already been shut down in an attempt to democratize the news. How long before this happens here?

    We see this word "terrorist" being thrown around everywhere but in reality, this now means that if the government & people in power are afraid of what you are are a terrorist.

    I think the real terrorists are now the governments of the world.
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    Ironic... given the subject; In the interest of fairness, what was the title originally?

  4. Reminds me of the good old days from 2003-2008 in the US, where you were labeled a terrorist or a terrorist lover if you disagreed with the government.
  5. "... Venezuelan officials have repeatedly denied any political motives. [However] Chavez has labeled as "terrorists" any TV station owners who criticize the government..."

    How long before we see something similar here? Haven't we already seen a version of this with the Obama birth certificate issue?
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    It's not the governments but "who" controls the government.

    In the free world ?. We receive our news from one group. They control the news, the money, the fed, the Banks etc etc.
    They were given this job (now opportunity) when the Kings, Queens, Pharrohs thought it beneath them to touch or handle Money.
    Now we are just "pawns" in their games or more correctly spelt
    ponzesss, ponzi, pawn shop.

    The problem with the USA is that she has her head up most countries ass looking for "shit" that will take the eyes of her.

    The last few years, especially the last is totally unbelievable how no matter what hits the fans or how it was created "nothing" in reality has been done to curb the frauds. Just the opposite, more, from the Fed not disclosing, GS-AIG saga to the current manipulation of all the markets.

    At least Cuba, Venezula, Middle East, China you know where you stand. The US ? never. It is totally unbelievable how the country just turns its head. Terrorism runs wild. Hell you have not even matured enough to outlaw the KKK.

    Most of the US citizens are good people as in most countries unfortunately you are run by people calling themselves americans when in reality they are saying in america I can.

  7. The original title was "Any news outlet that criticizes the government is now a terrorist..." And then the first line when you open the thread was "...In venezuela"

    Apparently its not just venezuela trying to control the output of information, its ET as well! :) And it seems now that even though this is the internet, if I say the words " the government" it has to mean US government and not any other governments of the world.

    But yeah the mod was right...i was trying to sensationalize it :D
  8. Lol...yeah jficquette is a terrorist.:p
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    Were there not several people on this board supporting Chavez back when he was stiring the pot against Bush?

    I wonder how they will support this (because you know they will)?
  10. Yeah, you stand with the government or in jail. Two options.
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