Any news on Platinum/Palladium etf?

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by lynmark1, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. lynmark1


    If the economy is going to rebound then these industrial materials will be in demand first because they are needed to replenish any inventory shortfalls or to keep up with any demand outstanding. I heard i a chat that there is news of this etf comingout, does anyone know who is going to issue them?
  2. Are you talking something similar to the GLD and SLV?

  3. A mix of physical holdings and paper assets (palladium/platinum) might be a a good position to grow in 2010. There are also other metals in the PMG group that have large upside potential for both long and short term trades.

  4. Rhodium could have been interesting when its price was sky high recently. Ununnonium, clintonium and obamaium could be interesting too. Just remember, new trading instruments tend to be listed at bull market peaks. :cool:
  5. Went long at $1,600.00USD/oz. lets see were it goes.