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    Hey I'm still kickin. Have been having trouble with anemia and the strep is not going away. I'm taking 1.4 grams of vanco twice a day (8) and basically at about 2 or 3 I start to get a fever, by 7 it's typically up to 101ish and by the time I start taking the vanco it's over 102. About 40 minutes into the vanco it starts to go down, about an hour after the antibiotics finish up the fever will be down to about 99.5/100 where it stays until about 2 or 3 when it starts to go higher again. Still having anemia too. The good news is that the wound from my surgery is almost totally healed up and I'm not in pain anymore except for a headache when the fever get's really high and sore muscles when I have the shakes bad.

    Another "good" thing is that maybe I figured out how to get all my money back. When all this started (4 1/2 short weeks ago) I was 168lbs. Today I'm 119lbs. I think I could start a late night infomercial and market the strep/Mersa weight loss super plan! I'm pretty sure some crazy anorexia types would take me up on the offer to rub up against an open wound.

    Anyway I apologize for not having had much posting here. My energy levels are just very low. I'm going to try to get moved to the University of Iowa I think too as I'm kind of frustrated here that nothing seems to be getting rid of the infection and obviously I can't get on with anything until it's gone. Yesterday I slept for over 20 hours, which is getting old too.

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    Just an update here as I've had a bunch of emails and PMs, and so has Toni (the ex wife can ALWAYS find you I guess).

    I've gone ahead and left the hospital and have home care. The nurse is basically here all day and I go to the doctors office each morning for blood work etc.
    At this point the illness has not progressed as I'd hoped. The wound porn that I had shown ya'll in my original video has healed up very nicely and the doctors are really happy about that, however the strep has not cleared out of my blood. The stafff seems to have been taken care of, but I've developed Vancomycin Resistent Strep. infection.
    When I had cancer I got down to about 125lbs at the worst point, but over the last few months (I went into remission right before Thanksgiving) I've started to get healthy again and put a good deal of the weight back on with healthy eating and exersise. I had been back up to 155lbs, but I'm now under 120lbs, I mostly just dont have any apitite at all.
    This has been a very discouraging experience for me the last few weeks as I'd basically accepted the cancer and everything that goes with it, but now I've gotten this and have to fight yet again. According to the data I saw 10,000 people per year get strep, about 4500 die, but the numbers on VRe is about 2/3.
    I dont think I'm going to die, but the number stays in my head and is discouraging I suppose. I've probably spent way too much time on the pitty pot the last week or so, but like I said this is kind of starting to get to me mentally in that it just seems like one damn thing after another, and this particular one wont go away. I wish I was an IV drug user, coz then at least we'd have a known reason for why it keeps coming back!
    Anyway that's the update. You guys here have been really great. I've said this a couple of other times too that ET is really a great community, and it is. Even folks like TraderZones, who I've had a lot of disagreements with in the past, have taken the time to offer a kind word and try to help. Then of course there are others such as BuyLow who have really gone above and beyond and I will be forever thankful to everyone here.
    Last but not least, I did hit my goal of reaching $10,000. Well, close. It turned out to be $7800. I think I explained in a prior post that I had the idea that a proven marketing campaign could be something like a franchise, and that if you have a few good ones you could license them out. So I did that with a site, gave them a sales script and campaign that I have used in the past very successfully (the last time Toni used it, it make her $28,000 in three days). I told the site owner that they would make at least $15,000 or they would not pay me a nickle. If they made over $15,000 then they would pay me 20%. It was very easy for me as all I had to do was review some material they put together and then give them six emails to send. The buyer was very happy and owns a pretty popular IM site that I should be able to get a lot of business from his list with a JV deal when I get healthy, so I'm excited about that and at least not worried about the bills.
  3. phew!
  4. Hey Buddy,

    Keep hanging in there, I'm praying for you.
    While you're shacked up, read about the Korean War battle at the Chosin Resevoir. It looked hopeless and was pure hell. No one who wasn't there can even begin to grasp what it was like. Kind of like your deal,I know being stuck in that room and being sick can get you down, but fight on. Someday you'll be an old geezer like me, I'm having a blast.

    Rennick out:cool:
  5. I asked the family to keep you in their thoughts and prayers. Take care and keep on fighting.
  6. Brandon,

    Our best prayers and wishes are with you.

    I would like to thank you for your contributions to Elite and other forums over the years.

    Best regards,

    - Greg
  7. Brandon, do not let this mother of an infection win.

    My offer to you was real and is still standing.

    Contact me 24/7, dude.

    You will get better. Don't doubt it for a second.
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    Brandon, you've got too much to lose to not fight as hard as you can. Please contact BuyLo if he can offer you help.

    I've enjoyed reading your posts about your story and life on ET, and look forward to seeing you recover. You have your youth to help you beat this illness.
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