Any news from eSignal 7.5?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GeorgeSoros, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. I thought it was supposed to be available in August with its longer intraday histories. Can we get an update on this?
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    They (the sales guys at least) have been promising the expanded intraday history since Q1 2003.
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    7.5 should be released sometime in the Fall. Please keep an eye out on our Beta Forum. It is there that we will first announce the beta release.

    Edit... to clarify, the beta is likely still aways off.
  4. The forum you mentionned is not very active, I will appreciate if you crosspost the news here when you will know more.

    What do you plan to work on in this new release?
  5. eSignal 7.5 Feature List.
    We have multiple teams working on eSignal at the same time so we are able to work on multiple features and get releases out quicker. eSignal 7.5 will follow 7.4 fairly fast in August with these features being already nearly complete:


    CME Market Depth -- Market depth available on all CME GLOBEX electronic trading issues, includes the top 5 Bids/Asks.

    CBOT Market Depth -- A complete view of buy and sell orders that are pending on the CBOT's electronic trading system.

    NYSE Liquidity Data (NYLQ) -- NYSE LiquidityQuote is an enhancement to NYSE OpenBook. While NYSE OpenBook shows the depth of the limit-order book at all price points, the LiquidityQuote provides trading access to that depth and includes additional interest in the crowd and by the Specialist.

    Extended Intraday Data (yes, its coming!).


    New & Enhanced Integrated Brokers -- Trade seamlessly through eSignal to select direct access or web based brokers. More integrated brokers coming!!


    News Manager Enhancements.

    Scanner Integration - Fully integrate the eSignal Market Scanners into eSignal to allow the scanning results to be seamlessly integrated into the Quote window.


    Office Caching Server - helps offices with multiple users manage bandwidth.

    More News Services via ComStock -- eSignal will now receive news via the ComStock feed, including International news feeds.


    Visit us @
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  7. As for extended intraday data, what is planned ? (to extend from 60 days to ?) Will it be available in first beta ?
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    Since you are adding new integrated brokers..when is the one with IB going to be fixed so that it is usable? That would serve ALOT of people here at ET. I have been asking about it for have other people.



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    Here's a post with some details on the subject. As far as it's availability during the beta, this is unknown at this point, however it is likely to be much more evident when the beta announcement is made.