Any news about IB NASDAQ stop orders?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by guidodf, Jul 2, 2001.

  1. guidodf


    Since I moved my account to IB, I stopped using stop orders in naz stocks because of the well known problem.
    Have the problems been solved? If not, is there a schedule for having them sorted out?


  2. m_c_a98


    Today I twice used Stop Market with BEST_ECN on nasdaq stocks. The stops where executed .06 cents against me on both trades. ie. slippage was .06. I guess its not to bad.
    these were high volume liquid stocks, however. So it may vary on stocks with wider spreads.
  3. dozu888


    which stocks were you trading? the other day i tried BEST_ECN stops on NVLS and EBAY, slipped a few pennies also, so looks like this is working ok now?
  4. m_c_a98


    Jnpr and cien. It seems to work on first tier large caps
  5. Babak


    why not use stop limit?

    could the slippage be a result of the stop market order and not system issues?

    could anyone with experience with stop limit orders with IB share their experience?

  6. guidodf


    Babak, the problem with naz stops is that it takes one life and a half for them to become active; if you use stop limit and the stock moves quickly against you chances are that the stop will be blown, and possibly your account with it.


  7. dozu888


    stopped out of BRCM shorts today for 6 cents slippage. somehow stops work better with BEST_ECN routing. Gotta try few more days to make sure it indeed works. 5-6 pennies is better than NYSE, where you usually get about 5-25 penny slippage for liquid names. Since intraday ranges are about twice as big for NAZ stocks (usually 4 points vs. 2 for most NYSE stocks), the same slippage would mean a better trading odds on the NAZ.

    anyway, guys please keep sharing experience here.

    bummer of the day: didn't know it was a half day trading, was short combined 900 shares of PDLI and HGSI when suddenly see spread wide as hell. received IB bullitin with trading hours, had to close shorts with 1/4 point spread for HGSI, and 1/2 point spread on PDLI, ouch. Luckily still up $300+ for the day.. Happy 4th !
  8. tradeRX


    my gawd. the top five threads on this borad are about IB's stop orders. quit your whining for kriiiiiiist sakes! geeeeez.
  9. dozu888


    For the past 2-3 weeks I have been using NAZ stops with bEST_ECN routing, and the verdict is they work reasonably fine. About half of them are triggered and executed instantly, within a second or so, about another half have delays range from 2-10 seconds, and the worst slippage I had is $0.25, which aint bad. I only trade the most active stuff.. VRTS, SEBL HGSI, PDLI BRCD etc. to be sure there is an ECN bid/ask around the inside.

    Just an FYI... use at your own risk.
  10. def

    def Sponsor

    I haven't posted anything yet as I wanted to make sure all seemed ok but I was told that they should be in working order. It seems that almost all complaints now are either due to inputting a stop incorrecly or not understanding IB's methodology of triggering them.
    #10     Jul 12, 2001