Any New Zealand based trader?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by GBL, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. GBL


    Any traders based in New Zealand that trade EUREX Futures?
  2. Im a Kiwi in london. There is a guy called Kiwi or Kiwitrader on this forum somewhere.
  3. kiwi



    Mainly trade eurodollar and sp futures.
  4. If you actually live in NZ (or Aus) then unless you have a desire to follow our namesake into a nocturnal lifestyle I don't think European markets are optimal. Asian markets including HSI, SGXNK, STW and a number of bonds are easier to construct a working day around and very tradable. :)

    I like that number so much that I'm tempted to make this my last ever post on ET. Hmmm?
  5. yes
  6. Isn't the NZD a little overheated here against the USD?
    Thinking of a major short here.
  7. Very tough because of the time zone to trade US markets. European markets are ok for half a session. I think the Dax opens, for example, at 6pm NZ time. Quite civilised really.

    US markets are a nightmare. I have been here for the last 6 months in Auckland and looking forward to returning to London where I can feel more alive (less like a zombie) in trading the ES.