any new trading platform will ultimately get acquired and shut down

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  1. Cybertrader: popular platform, bought by Schwab and shut down

    ToS: popular firm, bought by AMTD and left to wither and die

    OptionsExpress: shut down this week by Schwab

    There are probably others I'm forgetting.
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    But then more advanced like NT are coming up.No worries!
  3. what's NT?
  4. ddlee


    I would hardly compare optionsxpress to NT, they are in different trading categories
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  6. I tried NT briefly. It was way too involved. Like most of these platforms, it took too long to review my charts and load them. I prefer it real simple, stockcharts in my bookmarks.
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    Where does it say that options express is closing?
  8. Bob111


    i've said this many times..they don't want anyone on those retail.period. every possible rule or law in past decade was created to squeeze us out of the markets. or keep us away from any decent technology,that may allow us to have some advantage over 'pros'.
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    ninjtrader is a front end software that works with most data feeds
    their niche in the futures brokers & traders primarily
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    All governments want millions of worker ants to enslave and produce products for the government and a selected few. A government enacted transaction tax will eventually make trading for the small time individual trader unthinkable.
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