Any new good newsletters out there?

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    I'll start with my favorite three:

    1. Position trading: Zanger (used him a long time ago, not bad but don't know any others, if you have an update on his performance, write it here)

    2. Daytrading: (best in their field, $37 a month)

    3. Long-term Trend Trading, (I just subscribed to this and like it, $10 a month)

    Full disclosure: I'm a subscriber to #2 and #3.

    Any other ones? Condition it has to be cheap, like $50 a month max.

    What I do is daytrade with HCPG, and then I have a longer term acct I am managing with Maoxian's trend trading.
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    This place used to be great for conversations like this... what's happened?
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  4. tim knight's slope of hope. bearish bias

    not saying he's always right. but always thoughtful

    best deal. free
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    Agreed. Slope of hope I think is one of the best, if not THE best, trading blogs out there.
  6. I also used to read:
    (Brian Shannon, sharp guy, experienced technical trader)
    (run by a former hedge fund manager, also a very sharp chap)

    both sites have become mostly paid, which is a pity. i'm more inclined towards free stuff

    they have some deal with stocktwits. i'm not a big fan of stocktwits because i think you may get sucked into overtrading, maybe i'm wrong.

    actually, for people who do trade frequently, i would probably recommend the two sites anyway. at least to check your opinion against what these two chaps are up to . . .

    i prefer free stuff.

    i'm not affiliated with either site
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    I know both sites, and I think HCPG beats both by miles and is half the price.

    I hung out at stocktwits for a few days but it really screwed with my trading style and I did the mistake you just mentioned, i overtraded like crazy.

    If you like free stuff, then check out a blog called etf corner, at has some good ideas.
  8. ok thanks will check it out :D
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