Any negative beta equities?

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  1. Are there any tradeable negative beta stocks or etfs out there?
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    spy etf will be beta negative if shorted.
  3. has nothing to do with shorting. spy will always have a beta of 1.
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    Why is that?
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    Yeah, SPY has a beta of 1, but if you short it you automatically have a beta of -1.

    There are some short ETFs available. That is, they move exactly opposite, so you actually buy them to have short exposure to the market. Search for them, I can't remember the tickers.
  6. Right. If you want to increase your beta exposure to the S&P, buy ES or SP decrease your exposure, short the ES or SP.
  7. Does anyone know, if there is a website, which can calculate the beta ratio for various stocks (indices) over different timeframes etc. for free?

    I took once the historical quotes from and implemented them in a spreadsheet (Excel) and calculated the beta by hand, but this is really time consuming.

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    Yeah, I believe they are of
    ultrapro family.

  9. But what if I wanted to play the spread between something that is negatively correlated to the market. Shorting SPY wouldnt work because there is no spread to speak of. Thats why I would want something with an actual negative beta. I believe they used to think gold was but thats doesnt seem to be the case.
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    You can go long qqqq which has beta of 1.66 and short spy ( beta is -1) or vice versa.
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