Any need to get a Series 3?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by tanp21, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. tanp21


    I am looking for a career change and I recently have gotten my Series 3 license.
    I am now wondering if this helps me at all.

    I would like to trade Futures full-time at a true proprietary Shop, no capital commitment, in NYC or at a i-bank, hedge fund, as a entry level person, Jr. Trader, ect. however I feel my options are very limited.

    Does anyone have a similar experience? I am still relatively young, 28 and would love to know if I am not knocking on the right doors.

    If you are having a similar problem or any creative advice please advise.

  2. SumJurk


  3. I have a Series 3 and a Series 7.

    Unless you are dealing with the public in a sales capacity, are a broker on an Equity Derivatives desk, or are a CTA managing money, it probably does not do you much good to have a Series 3.

    One more note:

    While a Series 7 needs to be registered with a broker/dealer in order to stay current, you can register with the NFA ( just register, not become a member ) as a CTA for $100 annually and that will keep your Series 3 intact.