Any NASDAQ day trader here?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by wilso, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. wilso


    Any NASDAQ day trader here? DO u guys think the market is tough after Nov 1 , 2006?

    When island and brut become 1 ECN i think lots of things changed. Its more BS and crazy. The level is so thin ( as thin as paper) The MM is more dirty. ( LVLT )

    My friend traded CMGI and lose $4000 .....and i'm down for 2 months ( down about $3500 )

    I just wanna know do u guys think NY is better than NASDAQ? Easy to make money? By the way what stock r u guys trading?

    Good luck all ! ! ! :)
  2. I thought that when BRUT and Island are merged that the levels would actually be thicker if anything...

    Also, what do you mean by "the MM is more dirty"?
  3. No way buddy. "Easy to make money?" Please, don't even ask that question. People are going to get mad at you.:D There might have been a time when NY was better than nasdaq. But not anymore. NY is going thru a lot of changes. The rhythm in NY stocks are gone and the prices are all over the place now. In fact, it's more volatile than nasdaq. It's best to stay where you are or look at other routes.

    Edit: By "more volatile than nasdaq", I mean that WHEN a NYSE stock gets into action nowadays, it is more volatile and prices are all over the place. But in terms of overall volatility, NY stocks are basically dead after about 10:30am...
  4. It doesnt help that volitility intraday is non existent lately either.
  5. well, it helped me quit daytrading and concentrate in holding overnite. intraday r/r is just not there anymore....all of my edges gone down the toilet in no time. and potentials for better money are higher on swing trades anyways so fuck it: no more 10 hours an day screen time, more free time and healthier life.
  6. The "easy money" in listed trading was when you would follow the same stocks every day and watch the sp futures like a hawk and master the art of flowing in and out of the stock because the patterns were more predictable and smoother.
  7. Good luck trying to unglue yourself from the screen...what about overnight risk?
  8. i am not that concerned, if i keep track of earnings and possible court resolutions/settlements i can avoid most of the nasty surprises...i've done swing trading for most of my career and was all i did for yrs, so i know what to do...and frankly i am angry at me for not realizing earlier this is the better choice: it would surely have saved me money.