Any Munich, Germany traders, out there?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by regough, May 22, 2003.

  1. regough


    I may have an opportunity to relocate to Munich in the very near future.

    Anybody out there who lives there or who has spent anytime there.

    Of course, we will do a research visit first but thought I would see if anybody had any impressions, good or bad ( or indifferent)

    Thanks, Bob.
  2. agrau


    I am living in Munich and can highly recommend it. I am from Düsseldorf, lived in Hamburg and Berlin. But there's nothing like Munich, here in Germany (IMHO).

    If I had to choose again, I would take Munich again. Without any doubt. Good if you're young, middle-aged or old. Good if you want your fair share of night-life, good for classical stuff, good for sports and good for relaxation with mountains, lakes and Italy nearby.

    Oh, no rose without thorns: They don't speak German here, just some crazy, uncomprehensable dialect called "bavarian" :D

    Just my $.02,

  3. farrigut


    I trade options on the QQQ's

    Any similar optionable ETF's with adequate volume on European exchanges?