Any Mountain climbers here on Elite

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by millydog, May 18, 2006.

  1. I am trying to put an Expedition together to climb the 8000 meter peak Shishapangma for this fall.

    I am trying to avoid getting ripped off by these big commercial expeditions which charge 10 -15k for this.

    I have contacts in Nepal with the local sherpa people and need to get about 2-4 others beside me to cover peak permits, guides and logistics.

    I can probabbly get this done at a fraction of the cost if I can get some other climbers on my team.

    Just thought I'd ask here as well since I am hitting up all the mountaineering message board s as well.

  2. I am an ice climber, but haven't done any endurance work. I've trained at moderate altitudes during my cycling days, 4months at a stretch at 6500ft+, and my home is at 6500ft. I had my VO2 Max tested last year at 70.

    I assume it's out of my league as this would be my first experience; let alone an 8k meter peak. Interested, tho.
  3. I'M sure you can make it Riskarb, only problem is september and october are usally pretty good times for the market and taking 6 weeks off to climb some stupid mountain may end up costing a hell of a lot more in missed out profits.

    Although I am trying to get pansonic to sponsor me and perhaps donate one of those toughbook laptops. I am planning on making a trade from the summit via satilite to promote remote trading with the firm I am with.

    I think long a 100 shares of the qqqs just for fun.