Any motorcycle riders?

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    I feel motorcycle riding relaxing after a long trading day.
  2. Harley rider??
  3. Old school superbike here:

    1988 Suzuki GSXR1100



  4. cracked,

    Nice gixxer. what year?
  5. AAA

    1988 w/12,000 miles

    Mine is exactly the same, got the pic from a site.

    It's a dinosaur, but, it keeps appreciating in value. They are the hardest model of all GSXR's to find. Even more difficult than the 1986 limited 750's.
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    have an 01 R6. Its an extremely light bike compared to my honda hawk. Front-end always seems to wanna come up. Friend used to have a blue gixxer just like the one above. Nice weather in Cali means year-round riding for me. I knew I moved down here for a reason:D Now if only the gas price would start coming down, 2.59 for mid is the highest in the Nation :mad:
  7. Your R6 has more ponies than my 1100.

    Amazing what has happened to the motorcycles over the years. The old gixxers were nice cause you could still sit relatively upright and the pegs are in a comfortable position. The new models make me feel like I'm stuffed in a box like a contortionist.

    I don't get out riding as much as I'd like. Too much going on.

    You Nocal or Socal?


  8. I am a motorcycle fanatic. I currently own an Aprilia Falco. I once road my BMW on a 23 day 8000 mile trek around the western half of America.

    Motorcycling is great. You are completely in the "moment". Not worried about the past or the future, only the road ahead.

    I wish I could get into the same state of mind when I am trading.
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    The R6 is a little cramped, but i like the compact feeling cause its easier to toss around. But you gotta stop about every 30 mins or your legs fall asleep and your back gets sore. Other than that its great. I'm up in Norcal and drive around the Marin Headlands and up to Pt. Reyes as much as possible.
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    Then you must've trekked around the Marin Headlands, Napa, Pt. Reyes, Mt. Tam Half-Moon Bay area. SF bay probably has some of the nicest twisties on the west coast.

    Near Half-Moon Bay
    From Mt. Tam
    From Stinson Beach
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