Any MONGOMATH traders here?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by Wappers2, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. MONGOMATH is, of course the world's best trading system, being an enhancement on that fabulous <b>'MurrayMath'</b> 'system' recently featured on this board. Has anybody paid the $139,000 for the full course yet, as found on:-
  2. Ah, but can you hit a hole in one?
  3. Finally... a piss-take website of the snake oil bastids who are infesting our business with their evil venom...

    Donating $139,000 to these guys is probably a more worthy cause than donating it to the majority of snake oil vendors... :D
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    Ya know, if you put something in there where they could actually order this thing, I'll bet somebody would.
  5. don't press the 'ordering info' button, cos it <b>WILL</b> take your money (147 bucks) and you WON'T be impressed with what you get for it
    (a 14 day sma cross over trend following idea, entering on minor retracements, exiting pretty much randomly, or in panic - works about as well as 'buying' or 'selling' in a strong trend, bankrupts you in anything less).
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    I'm downloading it, but I'm not STUPID! Unless I get a chart with at least four different colors on it and some reference to planetary systems, I won't send cash. Not everyone is as gullible as folks make 'em out to be.
  8. Ahh, we laughed until we stopped. Seriously tho folks, we should stop this nonsense. There's some TRADING to be done, if I'm not mistaken!