Any markets move like U.S. NYSE market

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  1. Are there any other markets that move like the NYSE and NASDAQ. I tried the Hong Kong market.
  2. What happened in the Hong Kong ?
  3. I wrote a program that works best on stock prices that range from $9 to $90 with average daily volume of 1 million shares. I tried converting it to the hong kong markets. There equity's prices and volume are not like the U.S. Much lower.
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    Tokyo? London? Did you try these out?
  5. Understood....

    You may want to check on the progress of BATS....the fastest growing exchange/ecn in the US....

    They are expanding as the fast as the foreign legalities will allow....

    As they may offer additional favorable markets....
  6. If you trade them the same as the U.S. markets please let me no.
  7. When it comes to the recession's ups and downs, overseas markets behave just like the US, except their rise and fall steeper than the US: China, by a multiple of 2.5x; India, 3x; Brazil, 3x; Russia, 3.5x.

    Brazil & Russia are influenced by oil prices. If oil goes up & the US market stays the same, Brazil & Russia go up. If the US goes up & oil stays steady, Brazil & Russia go up.

    You have to be careful with Russia (ticker RSX) though. The last time they attacked the former Soviet state of Georgia, Russian investors didn't like it much. RSX went down. But since the conflict was temporary, the downturn was also temporary. RSX prices recovered, as if the conflict never existed.

    Brazil (ticker EWZ) is a magnificent investment because of a booming economy and oil drilling industry.