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  1. Are there any vendors out there that let you trade the previous days market. So instead of back testing you could just "try out" your strategy after the market closes. I'm looking to be able to watch the "recorded" market and enter hypothetical orders. Does such a program exist.
  2. The demo at Rushtrade used to do exactly that. The data came from the previous day's market and ran on a loop.

    - Spydertrader
  3. So can I still do that if I open an account or whatever..? Or do they not offer that anymore?
  4. It is the demo version of the software. No account application required.

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  5. I downloaded the demo and got my password and all that, but I don't see any replay option..:confused:
  6. Type in a US stock symbol, and if you see trades being made on US Stocks, then the the data would be from the previous day. If you do not see trades being made, then perhaps they changed how their demo version works.

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  7. Its not doing anything, I guess it might only work during market hours on a delayed basis. That should be helpful also though. I'll email them. Thanks for the info....
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    Yeah it said not available...i presume it will run today's open at tommorow's open.
  9. Yeah, I don't know what the heck its trying to do, for example I'm getting chart info from yesterday from 9:30 to about 9:50??
  10. The demo is doing exactly what you requested. The demo uses the previous market day as trade data and 'plays' that data on a loop. You can now test your strategies on actual market data 'after' market hours.

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