any manhattan traders?

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  1. hey guys, i'm relatively new to the site...was just seeing if there were any crude traders that trade in manhattan? I do very little spread trading, mostly all front month intraday trading... no scalping, very technical... i use cqg for charting analysis and TT for order entry... I was curious if there were any other technical traders here on the site to throw around tech tips n tricks...
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    Glad to have you aboard- I'm a former equity futures refugee who's moved to the energy complex. I'm trading out of Chicago, and I am using CQG for the charting and order entry. I saw that you were using TT for orders. If you aren't using any spreading features, or scalping, you may want to look into the CQG order entry platform. It is reliable and more than adequate for entering orders, especially if you don't make many in-out trades per day.
  3. hey covert, thanks for the reply.... ur actually about the 4th or 5th person to say that cqg's order entry system works real well and extremely comparable, if not better than TT. Cqg almost had me sold on trying it out when i was trading independently however, i recently left the independent trading behind and have gone back into the corporate world. TT does get put into my montly fee's but we have a trading floor with about 30-40 other traders that all use the cqg/TT combo, so i probably have to stick with it... do u strictly trade crude or a little bit of everything?.. scalping or technical longer term holds?
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    Mostly crude, with some nat gas when I'm really full of self-hatred.

    I'd say that I have a hold period for crude trades of about 10 min to a couple of hours, but as I get a little further down the road, I see the need to stretch it out, and be more selective. The technicals are good, so my opinion is that I should be taking more advantage of them. I'm trying to filter out some of the intraday noise. Where do you stand?
  5. I scalp CL from Brooklyn, technical trader, using a combination of TS and IB.

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    that's kewl, it definitely takes some time to be able to hold through some of the p & l swings that crude can put u through... i just cant find ne reasoning for myself, to scalp... i see guys that go through 300-500 round turns a day, in and out, in and out, like ohhh i got in here, but i got scared out there... and they're talking like 3 and 4 cent intervals.. and i'm just sitting there like, scared outa what, u just held that trade for 15 seconds...and people that use the bids and offers to conduct the scalps are ridiculous... i mean maybe in a thinner market such as rbob and heating oil,, but there's so many fake bids that come and go, u cant seriously use them as support and resistance (with the cl)...

    i tend to use a 5 minute, 10 min, 30 min and sometimes a 60...with a couple dif moving averages..that ichimoku study is pretty cool and the tj pivot points..the longer term holds are tough but thats where u can catch ur 60-70 cent moves.. and 1pt + moves...dont get me wrong when ur up a few grand and u see that diminish just cause u were holding out for another 20-30 cents, u wanna jump out the window..but i guess thats all apart of fine tuning the game plan... u guys switching to the july contract tomorrow??

    gurucandidate: ts = tradespeed?.... what part of bk u in?
  7. TS - Tradestation

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    Definitely looks like July for tomorrow- I hate to be in the contract when it suddenly thins out.
  9. reason to be in june when its gonna expire on tuesday ne way.... good luck to all in the july contract... and keep the ten second trades to a minimum
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    What do you use for energy news there? I'd like to have a resource with some info pertinent to the energy mkts, but I haven't found any.
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