Any Mac OS X Gurus?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by def, Sep 12, 2003.

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    Not exactly a trading problem but I'm at a loss, maybe one of you can help.

    I have a G4 Mac OS (10.2.6) and my keychain access seems to be corrupt. When I try to run keychain access is cores (i have the error log) and as a result I can't access any forms or download software (keychain firstaid) to try to solve it. I can't even access my account at mac support.
  2. you may try backing up than removing


    or maybe even the containing directory
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    Ouch. I'm a Mac addict but certainly no guru. There's a ton of archived support files at but the best help I've ever received was, believe it or not, on the Apple Users Group board at the Motley Fool. Those folks know their stuff and they're more than willing to help out anyone with a question. If you're not subscribed to the boards, maybe you can get a 30 day trial (the fee's not that much anyway) and get your answer within that time. Every problem I've ever had has been solved or referenced to the appropriate site within a day or two.

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    thanks, i'll have to check that out later today if I can access it. If not I'll give it a shot tomorrow it the first aid program that damir offered to email me doesn't work.
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    no go on both. renaming and moving to a new directory did not work, keychain access still cored and my browsers (safari and IE) both crash when trying to access the motley fool site as a guest.

    Safari wouldn't let me but via explorer i was able to post to the apple discussions boards on the apple support sight. If no luck there I'll try the motley fool boards.

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    Just a thought, make sure your time and date are correctly set.

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