Any longer term trader here?

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  1. How do you manage risk like what we are experiencing now when your position has a longer time horizon, say 2-3 months or up to a year (sort of semi buy-and-hold)?
  2. I'm longer term... weeks to months.

    Easy... if you are long... you get out.
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    Long term (really long term) - I stay in cash now.

    BTW 2-3 months or up to a year is not long term.
  4. But to most daytraders here, 2-3 months is like eternity. :D
  5. I held a stock for 5 days once.

    Scariest time of my life! :D
  6. Risk grows as time passes.

    Do not measure the situation relative to the beginnning of your position; measure repeatedly, what the market is doing.

    Your positions are only based upon NOW and which side of the market is controlling.

    Long term income runs at about 4% a week.
  7. He's giving away the store here guys.
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    I don't think it is true. To be a good trader you need to understand how people invest long term. The best way to understand it is to do it yourself.
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    Where can I get this long term income? Please please tell us.
  10. Long term means different things to different traders.. to me, 3 weeks is long term.
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