Any Listed Only traders left?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by listedguru, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Anyone here only trade listed stocks yet? I've been trading for a long time now and have gone back and forth with nasdaq for years now. I think it's time I finally got back to focusing on listed stocks once and for all...

    How are you listed traders doing?

  2. I know tons that are doing very well
  3. "Back and forth"?

    Is it one or the other - NYSE versus Nasdaq.

    Does it really matter?
  4. For some reason I just make a lot more money trading listed stocks than I do nasdaq (always have). Whatever the reason I know where my bread is buttered so to speak:)

  5. Yeah I used to think there was not much difference. Or that Naz was even better for my strats. Then I checked my results, and no contest - NYSE is far better for me.

    But if you haven't tried 'em, I recommend ETFs too. I trade the crap out of them now. Great for shorting - no worries about buyouts and takeovers!
  6. I day trade only big cap listed stocks. The last year or so the intraday ranges have been spectacular compared to years back. I used to trade JPM but haven't touched it or any other financial since September when they temporarily banned shorting financials. But some of the intraday trading ranges it has had this year are unbelievable.
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    You're showing your age. Back during the daytrading boom of the 90's traders started referring to Naz stocks as listed stocks as well as the NYSE stocks. I remember seeing a lot of media stories referring to Naz stocks as "listed" too. They only referred to the pinks as unlisted or OTC.