Any legal issues with posting a level II video??

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  1. I'm considering the possibility of starting a journal, and posting some video recordings of some of my trades. In the videos, probably using Camtasia or something similar, I would record my level II action, Time and Sales action, Level I action, etc. And then I would post that video to the thread. Are there any legal issues with that? Can I video-record Nasdaq Level 2 data and then post it on the internet? I don't want to get into trouble or anything.

    I haven't seen video recordings in other threads, so it leaves me wondering.

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    I would say yes, because by the time people can see it, it is not real time....
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    ... and that is a legal issue?
  4. And As long as the OP is at least 20 minutes later than real time then he is even past the delayed data feed pricing...

    You have Yahoo and Google and other places even showing snap quotes that are real time once they print to screen... so how could this not be ok...
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    I understand exactly what he meant. But the question is "Are there any legal issues?" and the answer was "yes".

    I am just playing with Pekelo :)
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    I guess my answer wasn't that clear. Anyway, there are already clips on Youtube showing level 2 data, but if the question is; can I be sued? Hell, this is America, you can be sued just for breathing....

    Here is one, just type in level 2, you get plenty:

  7. Thanks. I see them on YouTube now. But I am still curious why nobody has posted similar videos to EliteTrader?? I'm still a little bit scared myself, I guess, even though there are videos on YouTube.

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  9. That's just a chart. No level 2, No Time and Sales, and no level 1. But thanks anyways.

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  10. :eek:

    That guy sucks at trading.
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