Any leading indicators you recommend?

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  1. leading indicators? Not lagging - leading.
  2. I believe that's what we call an oxymoron. An indicator that is based on past information and not lagging.... If there is one out there, I doubt you are going to find it here.

    An oxymoron (plural oxymora or, more commonly, oxymorons) (noun) is a figure of speech that combines two normally contradictory terms.
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    yes, both.

    Like moving averages, which can be used as leading[%above 50dma,...] but prefer as a lagging:cool:

    And as leading , yes again ,major in price as a leading indicator;
    looked at most everything , its one of the best .

    Without giving away the compny store;
    price tends to be flat SEPT, strong uptrends NOV-Apr15 or so.

    Except in a bear narket;
    which we are not in, .Lots of leading stuff like that

    Some use RSI as a leading indicator, dont care to,
  4. Time cycles and seasonal tendancies? I think that's what the previous poster was describing.
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    moving averages are not leading indicators, the MACD with a histogram is but not moving averages themselves. Go full STO all the way, gives the most freedom if you understand the calculation which is fairly simple
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  7. Well said. :)
  8. * Market Seasonal Tendencies (cycles)
    * Intraday Market Tendencies
    * Other Key Markets
    * Key Economic Reports
    * Key Regular Schedule Market Events
    * Market Breadth Indices
    * Insider Information (illegal)

  9. DAX as a leading indicator?
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