Any know anything about Brickell Holdings

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Brock491, Mar 6, 2008.

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    I currently live in South Beach and am looking for a firm in the Miami area. There are plenty on firms in the Boca and West Palm Beach area but that is a good hour + drive. Any help would be greatly appriecated.

    Thank You
  2. jesseah


    Brickel Holdings is just a sub division of Accent...
  3. Bump...Any other info on their NYC office?

  4. We have a new affiliate location in Miami. I'll be coming down there for an open house/dinner etc. pretty soon.

    Send an email to if you would like more info, or to be invited to the open house.

  5. Yes i started trading there. The owners were Alex and George but George left. They are part of Assent. I had a good time there and learned much about the ins and outs of trading. Overall the operation was average, you get much leverage on your cash and freedom in your trading. The only problem is that you need to learn on your own from your own experience mostly with minimal guidance (which is how you learn the most anyway). They do lots of tape reading, consolidation break out trading and MOC's. You really need to control your risk because of the freedom, you can dig yourself in a big whole quickly and Alex will give you a lot of shit once you deplete your risk capital. Me and him had a lot of friction and thats why I ultimately left.

    However, in retrospect I could have been at a way worse place. Alex trades incredibly consistently with minimal risk and I respect him a lot for that. But I havent seen anyone else in the office able to duplicate his style. Bojena (the blond russian girl who taught lessons there after George left) is on the other end of the spectrum with immense swings in PnL and often times she can be up 100K or down 50K in a day. Again an incredible trader that you can learn much from but pretty impossible to duplicate without steel balls and years of experience.
  6. Alex is a good guy.
    Knows his stuff. I dont trade with them, just common friends.